The Poviat Youth Community Centre is set in the heart of Lubartów. It’s only minutes away from St. Anna’s Sanctuary and the Sanguszko Palace.

The PMDK Youth Centre started its activity on 1st September in 1980.

First location based in a small manor house at Lubelska Street in dr Słowikowski’s property. First director of the Centre was Mrs Zabielska Janina. In the years 1987 – 1999  the Centre run Mrs Wydrzyńska Dorota. Third and existing director is Mrs Tomasiewicz Jolanta.

The PMDK has been running since 1980 and throughtout 40 years it has changed its nature and residence a few times, growing and modyfying its workshops. That was at its first home as well as at Cicha Street where the Friday’s Literature and Music Cafe was born or at Szaniawski Street. The same is in the final home of PMDK at 7 Slowacki Street where the Centre moved in 2020.

The building, by the locals called ‘’old hospital” has been reconstructed in order to accommodate the PMDK needs. For the first time in its history the residence has its own, safe and professional performance hall.

What do we do?

The PMDK Youth Centre is an after-school education facility. Its mission is to develop and foster talented youth and children from the entire district of Lubartów. The members are from Kamionka, Kozłówka, Michów, Kock or Ostrów Lubelski.

During 40 years of its activity it raised hundreds of artists and animators or art lovers.

The Centre offers lessons in dance, arts and crafts or music, theatre and film.

A wide range of educational workshops include:

- dance: classical, folk and modern dance (hip-hop, break dance) and ballet for the youngest;

- arts and crafts: drawing, painting for the youngest, graphics and sculpture worhshops for teenagers;

- music workshops: guitar and keybord classes, singing;

- theatre and media workshops: theatre games for children, acting, staging plays

- photography and film.

Our classes are conducted by professional teachers. They have been awarded in numerous contests and competitions.

Many of our students are popular and famous artists. It’s worth make a mention of Iwona Sitkowska (actress), Albert Osik (theatre actor), Rafał Eret (painter), Patryk Durski (dancer) or Milena Majewska (singer).

The PMDK guarantee: a friendly enviroment, competent educators, an attracitive location, an aestetic interior, an audio and video eqiupment, but first and foremost a great atmosphere.

Each year the PMDK organises about 50 cultural events for children, teenagers and local community. They include concerts, shows, meeting and exhibitions. We organise art, literature and recitation contests. The most popular are: „Christmas stories” or „I will show you where I live”

The Centre collaborates with cultural and educational institutions in our town as well as with cultural institutions in Lublin.


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